TBLeague headless steel female body Super Flexible Female Seamless body 1/6 scale action figure S24A S25B S26A S27B

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New spot TBLeague thin body type headless steel female body body S24A S25B S26A S27B four models

TBLeague Super-Flexible Female 
Seamless Bodies

New proportions, new body types, new surprises!

TBLeague(PHICEN)Released 4 super movable steel skeleton female body!

Derived from the seventh generation of female body of TBLeague, the height (including the head carving) is278mmwith270mmTwo new female body,
Two skin tones (white, wheat) are available.
Different from the previous body, they are closer to the oriental female body - well-proportioned, slender, elongated, weakened muscle lines,
It is able to better interpret Asian female characters and meet the diverse DIY needs of players.

New beauties for pre-order to cater for your diversified demands!
Quite distinct from previous versions, these four new bodies are Asian girl type, slender, shorter in body height, well-proportioned, no strong muscles.

S24A & S25B stand 278mm, 
S26A & S27B stand 270mm (all measured with the same head sculpt).
Become existent now! 

Both come in two skin tones:
Pale S24A and suntan S25B,
Pale S26A and suntan S27B. 

Packing list:
1, TBLeague seamless rubberized steel skeleton female body
2, 3 pairs × replaceable hands
3, 2 pairs × replaceable feet
4, 4 color packaging
* The product does not contain head carving

1,1 × TBLeague female seamless body with metal skeleton
2, 3pairs × interchangeable hands
3, 2pairs × interchangeable feet
4, 4 color packaging
* No head sculpts included

Packing information
1 product/color box
GW: 0.45kg
Measurements: 12.5cm * 6cm * 31.5 cm

12 products/master carton
GW: 5.97 kg
Measurements: 38 cm * 27cm * 34 cm

1 product/color box
GW: 0.42kg
Measurements: 24 .3cm * 11cm * 38 cm

12 products/master carton
GW: 5.65 kg
Measurements: 38 cm * 27cm * 34 cm




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