KNL Hobby diecast model Zhuhai airshow 45cm Z10 helicopter gunships WZ10/WZ-10 aircraft model 1:32 model China Army Airforce

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Chinese helicopter WZ-10 China Army alloy model


 Ratio: 1:32

Size: model body length of about 40 cm (including front and rear rotor is about 45 cm), bomb rack width of about 15cm, the diameter of rotating wing about 37cm model containing scaffolds height about 28cm, excluding bracket height is 12 cm.
Body material: zinc alloy, part of the parts for the synthesis of materials.
Configuration: with alloy support and base
Packing: Foam built-in card box, mobile box packaging
The models according to the blueprint of Wu Zhishi strictly according to the proportion of 1:32 manufacturing, main body is made of zinc alloy, high simulation degree, work is very fine, machine gun can be up and down, left and right rotation, nose radar rotatable, wheel, a propeller and a tail slurry can be rotation, with metal display rack.  


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