KNL Hobby diecast model The aircraft carrier aircraft treasure shark loaded J15 China Airforce China Navy Su-33 fighter aircraft model 1:72

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The J-15 China carrier based aircraft model aircraft model Su 33

[commodity material]: Alloy

[commodity color]:Green, dark gray, light gray, shark loaded coating

[commodity ratio]: 1:72

[size]: Captain goods about 30.5 cm / has a wingspan of about 21 cm

[Commodity packaging]:Original packaging, foam box, mobile box packaging

The Su 33 wing models can be folded, cockpit, brakes, frontWings, wheels can be activities, fine workmanship, is a rare collection of fine.

Brief introduction of 33 carrier based aircraft carrier:

   Double seat Soviet Sukhoi Design Bureau developed based on Su -27Fighter aircraft. 1975 began developing prototype No. T-10K.August 1987 first fly, then called Su -27K, November 1989 for the first time in"Tbilisi" (later "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier)Carry on the ship test, soon changed its name to sue -33, NATO nicknamed "the sea".Flanker". Equipment of the Russian navy in August 1998, the official in April 1993Included in the war preparation, the existing 24 equipment in Russia's only Cruz Neto"Husband" aircraft carrier. Compared to sue -27, the aircraft wing was added a pair of fullMovable type front canard and short tail cone, wing and tail for folding,The head is equipped with air refueling device, with a tail hook. These modificationsMake its performance is lower than the Su -27, the maximum speed of only 1.97 Maher,Maximum range of 3000 km. Machine retains a 30 mm cannon, 12 external pylons, portable R-73 short-range air-to-air missiles, the kh-31 anti-ship missiles, and a variety of air to ground missiles, bombs and rockets, the maximum bomb load 6500 kg.

Green shark pack


Light grey Edition