KNL Hobby diecast model SR-71 blackbird reconnaissance aircraft at high altitude and high speed high simulation model military 1:72 US Airforce

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SR-71 Blackbird

High altitude reconnaissance aircraft model

Ratio: 1:72

Size: 45.47x23.53x7.8CM

Material: Alloy

Packing: color box packing with support base

Product introduction: the canopy can be opened, the landing gear can be disassembled, equipped with flight hatch, vertical tail removable,Machine wheel slide.

Prototype introduction:

Used by the U. S. air force a three times the speed of sound sonic long-range strategic reconnaissance aircraft SR-71 "blackbird" (in English: SR-71 blackbird) and Lockheed A-12 oxcart type based, another section of the same series of models is the yf-12 interceptor. The SR-71 is led by the legendary Clarence Johnson (Clarence Johnson) in the factory (works penned, the unit also also design the U-2 reconnaissance aircraft and other famous military works. SR-71 used a large number of advanced technology at that time, is not only the first aircraft to have stealth features aircraft, with a Mach 3 high-speed dodge enemy aircraft and antiaircraft missile. In actual combat records, no one SR-71 had been shot down over. 


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