KNL Hobby diecast model J-11 1:72 aircraft model two seater fighter J11B aircraft model J11BS/ model

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 J-11BS Two seater China's main fighter model

[ratio]: 1:72

[size]: Captain 31cm / wingspan of about 21cm

[material]: the main alloy (body) / component synthetic plastic (missile, canopy cover)

Introduction of product technology

    This model according to the actual proportion reduced made, cockpit, deceleration board, wheels and flaps are, fine workmanship, the overall effect of realistic. Sac group is a collection of customized products, and the rare gift of jiapin.

FElevenBrief introduction of two seater fighter:

   F-11BSIs in the f-11BBased on the development of the two seater fighter. F-11BSInSIs the seat. F-11BSWill installWS10AA new turbofan engine, airborne fire control radar, airborne electronic equipment and domestic new weapons and equipment, f-11BSThe operational performance will reach the Soviet Union.-30MKKAnd Su-30MK2The level, also known as f-11BSBeyond Russia's new-35Multi purpose multi purpose aircraft, its development work beganTwo thousand and sevenYear. The same yearSixIn August, there was a fighter-11BSThe model was demonstrated at the Harbin Institute of Technology.

The fine detail of the physical map of the exclusive





Installation instructions for base bracket

This aircraft model is fitted to theBStyle)