KNL Hobby diecast model J-10B alloy model J-10 simulation model J-10B/ model J-10 fighter aircraft 1:30 Chinese Airforce CPLA

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The China airforce J-10B fighter aircraft Chinese model
Note: the latest arrival, base with eight one China emblem logo

Ratio: 1:30

Material: Alloy

Size: body length of 49 cm

Weight: 4 kg with outer packing

Product introduction:B is a new type of fighter aircraft, the models in strict accordance with the proportion of 1:30, beautifully boxed,Retractable landing gear, open cockpit cover, internal pilot instrument making, flaps, tail, flanking both activities, on both sides of the tail decelerating baffle plate can be opened, metal nozzle, groove rivet. Fine workmanship, high simulation, beautiful, the atmosphere, for the internal custom products, limited number, in the collection, gifts preferred!