KNL Hobby diecast model Helicopter model WZ-10 helicopter simulation model of military armed Air Force of the CPLA 1:60 alloy Chinese Army

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Chinese WZ-10 armed helicopter model

Ratio: 1:60

Size: 23.5*23*10 packing size: 23.5*23.10CM, aircraft (including the base) cm, wingspan 21CM

Material: Alloy

Weight: with the heavy box containing 0.6KG, 0.33KG base, aircraft weight 0.23KG

Packing: base alloy with foam box, mobile box packaging

The product process:

1, the helicopter head of the photoelectric probe can be up and down, around 360 degrees to do rotation, the effect is very realistic.

2, the helicopter under the head of the gun in the range of 180 degrees left and right rotation, at 18 degrees to within the range of - 10 degrees can be rotated, the effect and the real machine.

3, the helicopter short wings antitank missiles and rockets are all made in detail, vivid effect.

4,The helicopter main rotor and tail rotor are made and realistic, the main rotor can rotate, installation and disassembly.

5, all wheels can rotate.

6, the tail of the fuselage antenna can be freely removed.

7, the helicopter in the bracket can swing around, make all kinds of flying posture.

8, the helicopter can be smoothly placed on the table.

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