KNL Hobby diecast model Flying Leopard fighter JH-7A alloy model FBC-1 JH-7A simulation model of aircraft product 1:72 China Airforce CPLA

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 Flying Leopard fighter model

The sixty anniversary of National Day parade air echelonFifth formation

[ratio]: 1:72

[size]: packing: 39.5*26*12.5CM; aircraft fuselage 31.5* long wingspan 19* with base 22CM

[material]: zinc alloy &ABS

This section of the boutique model is fbc-1 Flying Leopard fighter is modeled. According to the precise 1:72 scale carefully crafted and high simulation of metal model. The model is made of die-casting alloy mold,The wing, tail, landing gear and cockpit hoodSimulation activities can be. Rubber tires can be rotated flexibly. Lifelike, exquisite workmanship,The national packaging and with exquisite handbags,Can be regarded as a collection of gifts and gifts.

Product prototype introduction:JH -7, akaFlying Leopard fighter, external nameFBC-1(JH-7), NATO Code: Flounder (flounder), is China in 1980s began to design and development of the mediumFighter bomber. Aircraft manufacturing in Xi'an, ChinagroupA fighter bomber designed and manufactured in collaboration with the 603 Research Institute, which is designed to carry out a depth attack of the campaign, as well as at sea and ground targets, for supersonic flight. The aircraft began to develop in 1973, to 1988 the first flight, in 1998 Zhuhai airshow published for the first time, the modifiedJH -7AWas announced in 2004. The main equipment of the machineNaval Air Force, is ChinaA dazzling star in a combat aircraft.


The exclusive fine physical map appreciation