KNL Hobby diecast model China carrier style took off soldiers who model double super J-15 fighters go your plane soldier

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The aircraft carrier commander Style doll model

Material: engineering plastics

Size:12 cm long, 6.2 cm high

Product introduction:The headset line is clear, look cool, need to rely on external fixation to stand.

"Aircraft carrier style" is also called "take off" style".

On November 25, 2012, China's first aircraft carrier "Liaoning naval vessel" successful landing annihilate - 15 carrier borne machine, the commander of the aircraft carrier in the process of landing a gestural caused great interest in the Chinese netizens. The carrier take-off commander tocrouch partly for posture, the right hand curled up out of the forefinger and middle finger, pointing to the front end of the flight deck, on behalf of "cleared off" signal. Take off the commander handsome, clean, powerful "take-off gesture" to become the biggest bright spot, by the enthusiasm of users sought after and imitation

The whole network exclusive picture appreciation

With glass cover and base plate


The picture above the soldier version only