KNL Hobby diecast model China Airforce figher model SU-30MK model S30 30 alloy simulation aircraft model 1:48

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 The professional version of Soviet 30 fighter model

Ratio: 1:48

Size: 450 mm in length

Configuration: metal bracket and base

Packing: foam box, original box packaging

Weight: 4 kg plus external packaging

Introduction of model process:

"Su - 30 fighter" to China's air force equipment of Su-30 fighters as the prototype, strict in accordance with 1:48 proportion by the most advanced digital processing equipment of high simulation precision production and. A total of 33 sets of mold production, the number of parts as high as 303. The whole body is made of alloy casting, and the missile weapon is made by simulation;Head can be turned on and reset, head turning exposed inside the radar device; cockpit hood can be opened and a positioning oil cylinder, the cabin driver and seat are made in detail; deceleration plate cover can be opened, and the oil cylinder can positioning support in any position; tail can be rotated under the 20 degrees or so; movable wing elevator, the flaps can be activities, the tail rudder movable; engine nozzle can be retractable activities, parachute bin cover to open; landing gear hatch can be opened.Before and after the landing gear can be controlled freelyThe aircraft can be rotated around the support frame by using the metal support display.
Making the mold precision, and the appearance of the product accurately, perfectly fit the parts, gap is uniform, surface coating effect is very realistic, aircraft strong texture, is used military model of the classical works is collection of choice and gifts Jiapin.