KNL Hobby diecast model China Airforce CPLA 49 cm J-10 fighter aircraft simulation model 1:30 model alloy

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National Day military paradeThe J-10 fighter engine model

Retractable landing gearMetal retractable vector nozzle

The new product base is printed with "China people's Liberation Army Air Force and air force emblem!

[1:30] ratio: two seater

[Specification]: long 490mm

[material]: zinc alloy

[color]: dark gray camouflage,Silver camouflage

[weight]: add the 5KG package

     All metal high simulation seat J-10 fighter model, strict according to the real machine in the proportion 1:30, adopts the most advanced digital processing equipment and refined; the whole body used alloy casting, surface texture details are all made in detail; and 1:36 the J-10 is different is the machine surface treatment more real:The rivet in the surface of the fuselage is an inner concave type.Cockpit bubble appearance, cabin cover can be opened, cabin instrument, display screen, joystick, ejection seat, safety belt are all made in detail; duck wing and tail can adjust the direction.Retractable landing gear can; tail jet simulation baked blue treatment, expansion and contraction, deceleration parachute release mouth can be opened; the use of metal stents, the aircraft can be rotate around the bracket.

Height simulation, the error is very small, it is rare for home decoration, personal collections and military gifts


Prototype introduction:

As a Chinese J-10 fighter independently developed the third generation fighter aircraft, made a series of breakthroughs in key technologies. The J-10 fighter with a large number of new technology, new technology, advanced performance, wide application. Single seat and two seat two, first equipped with the aircraft's air force J-10 fighter? Generous at the expense of cherry sympathetic Mountain Sun Pu Wei spoon Kun fluke Trapa natans gamma?

J10 fighter has adopted the Chinese independent development of Jingan to relax the qualitative of the duck aerodynamic layout. The use of these technologies has marked the J-10 advanced digital FBW flight control system. J10 fighter digital fly by wire flight control system will be pilot control of the driving rod and a pedal, and conveying the flight of the aircraft to the flight control computer, through the computer operation to handle the control instruction transfer to J10 aircraft by manipulating the rudder.

J-10 currently in use is a Russian made AL-31FN turbofan engine, electronic equipment of the J-10 than other Chinese fighter is an advanced, cockpit for the whole glass interface, equipped with a head up display and three visual color multifunction displays, degree of information beyond the J-11 (China Version of the Su-27).

J10 has 11 machine arms hanging points can be external medium range air to air missile Bang - 12, air-to-air dogfight missile pl-8, navigation / targeting pods, precision guided bombs, two 23mm aircraft guns.

The J-10 fighter is a decisive step towards China aviation power. Although the J-10 fighter performance is inferior to the fourth generation fighter, but the excellent foundation design and general domestic equipment the able to compete with Western aircraft, is more important, through the development process, China aviation weapon equipment, aviation technology level and culture in raising a professional research team development is unmatched by other many countries.