KNL Hobby diecast model 45cm China Airforce CPLA J-15 alloy model Su-33 fighter aircraft model J15 fighter aircraft models 1:48

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J-15 Liaoning carrier aircraft ship model

[Material: zinc alloy



[packing]Foam + card box, outside the box

[color]: grey coating

The J-15 fighter aircraft model Custom products of domestic military enterprisesThere are few available,The aircraft will be in the futureChina carrier main carrier based aircraft, fine workmanship, the wings can be folded, cabin, flaps, wheels, etc. Multiple can be activities, precision aircraft stripes, full metal stent.

This section of the wing is made of alloy material, but also has a heavy and real sense, their collections and gifts are a good choice!

Another with the same proportion of the f 15 aircraft fine version of the link below: Spm=686.1000925.1000774.49.29bouM&id=17809940497?