KNL Hobby diecast model 33cm annihilate 9 Eagle trainer model JL-/FTC-2000 model 1:48 military aircraft static alloy China airforce of CPLA

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China Airforce of CPLA JL-/FTC-2000 advanced trainer aircraft model
[ratio]: 1:48

[size]: the length of the body33cmLeft / right / width19cmAbout

[material]: the main alloy / parts ABS

[configuration]: alloy support and base

[weight]: plus packaging about 2KG

Product introduction

This paragraph strictly in accordance with 1:48 proportion and model the details of the performance of the rich, die measuring accurate, alloy material is made and be become, workmanship is very fine aircraft model, build metal fuselage, the overall strong texture, two seater canopy can open, trailing edge flaps, ailerons, rudder, elevator, machine wheel can be. Great collection value.