KNL Hobby diecast model 32cm Z-8 helicopter 1:63 model Z8 straight eight helicopter model high simulation alloy aircraft model China Army

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 The army version of Z-8 Helicopter model

[ratio]: 1:63

[size]: length 32CM

[material]: zinc alloy

[packing]: bubble card box

Information introduction:

In China in the 1990s to French super frelon helicopter based on the imitation of a medium-sized helicopter Z-8, the machine in the initial development process had experienced some twists and turns, but through continuous improvement, eventually become a successful medium helicopter. But as the domestic carrier capacity of the strongest helicopters, straight -8 still can not fill the lack of domestic heavy transport helicopter blank.

In the earthquake relief in the last year, the performance of the direct -8 helicopter. Straight -8 helicopter now has a variety of models has become a series of.

In the 1960s, China to improve the force's air mobile operations proposed development of a can be loaded with a row of heavy lift helicopters, number of straight - 7, the maximum takeoff weight of more than 14 tons, 3.5 tons of load, straight - 7 by two 792 turboshaft engine, rotor for straight - 5 main blade 6, maximum take-off weight 14400 kilogram, payload 3500 kg, maximum speed of 240 kilometers per hour, maximum range 35O kilometers, practical ceiling 6000 meters. Because of the domestic economic and technological progress in the development of a weak foundation, straight -7 is not smooth, it is difficult to put into use in the early 80's, 70's in our country has decided to launch the Pacific long-range rocket test, this is the 718 tasks, 718 tasks including helicopter system, execution of return cabin of low altitude trajectory measurement and trajectory the measurement and the returns cabin search and salvage, taking into account that China has no helicopter troops, so to advance system refitting and training, and straight -7 obviously can not keep up the progress, so our country from France in 1973 to purchase 12 aircraft SA-321 Super Hornet helicopter for 718 projects, in 1975 began to refit, CO complete telemetry, aerial search and salvage aircraft type three four aircraft, in May 18, 1980 China's launch of a long-range rocket to the South Pacific, 718 engineering machine modification only 5 minutes On completion of the return capsule salvage task, excellent completion of the task. In the 1980s to improve China's naval anti submarine capability, the factory is located SA-321 based refitted antisubmarine helicopter, which is equipped with the introduction of ORB-32WAS sea search radar, HS-12 dipping sonar and sound processing equipment and A244S antisubmarine torpedo, the aircraft first in 1987 in Shanghai made a successful maiden flight, fill the blank of our military equipment, and through the modification of our country master the development technology of helicopter anti submarine equipment.

aeProduct.getSubject()In 1980, the Super Hornet helicopter in long-range rocket splashdown area smooth rocket instrument module hanging on the cabin.

aeProduct.getSubject()Chinese to the Super Hornet helicopter anti submarine helicopter, to fill the gaps in the domestic equipment.

Due to the better performance of the SA-321, the aviation industry sector decided on its basis of Surveying and mapping imitation China heavy helicopter (editor's note: the development of the project is as China's heavy duty helicopter), which is straight -8. 1976 design work officially began, Li Zaijian as chief designer. The trial run by Changhe aircraft factory, China Helicopter Design and research the Harbin aircraft factory jointly completed. To 1980 to complete the design of the drawings, tooling, parts and static testing machine is basically completed, however, at this time, due to the national economy has encountered temporary difficulties, straight -8 from the slow. Until 1983, the national economic construction and the urgent need for the construction of military weapons and equipment, decided to speed up the development of direct -8. Due to the preparation of pre research work is more adequate, straight -8 only used more than a year's time on the first flight in December 11, 1985 was successful, in 1989 to complete the technical identification and pay the use of Chinese Navy aviation. But consider to reduce technical difficulty, then straight 8 some key equipment still rely on imports, the localization rate lower than 50%, such as tail rotor hub, main propeller blades and hub, and other, these devices for domestic work in full swing in the early 1990s, 1992 domestic rotor blades, the rotor Yi were comprehensive assessment and ground test and identification test, August 1994 localization rate reached 86% of the Z-8 helicopter through the design of the national stereotypes.

aeProduct.getSubject()China introduced 12 SA-321 super wasp helicopters in the 70's, and now has been in service for over 30 years.

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