KNL Hobby diecast model 31 cm China Airforce J31 fighter Falcon Eagle stealth fighter J-31 fighter aircraft simulation model 31 model of 1:60 alloy

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The J-31 Falcon Eagle fighter model

Ratio: 1:60

Size: long 31CM or so

Material: Alloy

Packing: with a metal bracket and a base, a portable box packaging

Details of the introduction

This kind of aircraft model compartment lid is open, the wing can be activities after the machine wheel can rotate, is a rare their collections and gifts Jiapin!

Product prototype introduction

The -31 isShenyang aircraft industry groupDevelopment of the fourth generation of dual mediumStealth fighter, codenamed "falcon Eagle", which uses double, single seat, double oblique fixedVertical tailNo,Duck wing,Mussel inlet. There are currently three main uses: one is with my heavy stealth fighterF -20Form a mix of high and low; the second is intends to launch stealth fighter export models; three is to replace the J-15 fighter a new generation of stealth fighter. On October 31, 2012 at 10:32 in the morning, developed by AVIC Shenyang AMF five generation fighter (f -31) successful first flight. China become the world's second and two flight five generation prototype machine state. Aviation expertXu YonglingTo point out that the -31 has the possibility of future export.