KNL Hobby 604 model 1/35 Scene Camouflage net Covering net large size ultra-thin cloth for 1/35 scale truck tank model Trumpeter

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604 Model 1/35 Scene Camouflage Net Masking Net Large Size Ultra-thin Fabric


Camouflage mesh for 1/35 model, nylon textile, large size, very thin 0.1mm, cover and cover curl.

Type A size: 235mm × 290mm

B size: 157mm × 228mm (more than 200mm × 270mm after pulling)

note! !

1, light color is more suitable for coloring, dark color (jungle green) is not suitable for color change.

2, B type camouflage net deployment requires skill, easy to break during the pulling process, please first a small area patient operation.

3, there will be a small probability of sputum or pollution in the production of goods, if it affects the use, please contact and return.


It can be colored with a marker. The marker used in the video is Tinge's Y42, Y44, BR100. The water is moist and helps to shape the shape. After drying, the local needle is fixed by a little 401, and the glue marks can be covered with the model paint.

Large mesh B-type camouflage nets are more suitable for models that want to expose details, such as a cover net or a model on which plants need to be hung.