KNL Hobby 604 model 1/16 Scene Camouflage net Covering net large size ultra-thin cloth for Henglong RC tank Mato

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604model 1/16 scene camouflage net cover net large size ultra-thin cloth

Material products, the use effect varies from person to person, if you do not have model production experience, please be careful to buy.

Type A size: 480mm × 460mm

B size: (about after deployment) 700mm × 530mm 

Type A (encryption) adds a pattern density to the original A-type to suit the needs of different models.

note! !

1,Light color is more suitable for coloring, and dark color (jungle green) is not suitable for color change.

2,B type is relatively vulnerable during the pulling process, please operate with a small area first.


It can be colored with a marker. The pen used in the video is Tinge's Y42, Y44, BR100. Moisten with water can help shape, (after drying) topical PET double-sided tape or needle 蘸 a little instant glue (401 slow-drying type) fixed and styling, and then cover the glue marks with model paint or pastelIt can also be fixed with old iron wire or string.

(PET double-sided tape is a kind of double-sided tape classification, which can be repeatedly pasted without residue.)

 B type camouflage netMore suitable for models that want to expose details, such as a cover net. Or a model that needs to hang plants on it.Overlap when fully expanded will have special effects.