Genuine Henglong 1/8 large scale of all metal German Tiger I electric remote control tank model 2.4G RC tank

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The vast majority of the material for the metal (including steel and aluminum alloy zinc alloy, etc.)

Tank power for electric, electric, electric, pulling 800 pounds, life time about 3 hours! Car battery, crane motor!

The vast majority of the material for this product is metal (including not limited to stainless steel, iron, copper), some of the necessary accessories for other materials (including not limited to plastic), the specific customer service.


As most of the use of hand-made products, it is inevitable in some metal surface scratches, please understand! Far away to see the scratches, but some traces, better reflect the style of the tank, right?

Freight is the country is paid! Hair stream! General is the Deutsche Logistics! This product is very heavy! All packaged close to 80 kg! The The pick up the goods to remember to open the truck in the past!


Long 1040.4 mm (barrel forward), no barrel is 784.7 mm

Width: 460.4 mm

High: 378.2 mm

Net weight: 60 kg

Foreign and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan customers, please contact customer service advice and then down the way! Can not be shipped directly


Keywords: forward and backward, turn left turn right, turret 360 ° rotation, launch BB bomb, barrel retractable, simulation sound, smoke effect