YUFAN Model1: 35 79 years Chinese soldiers 56 automatic rifle pieces need to self-color

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Type: Yufan
Buy before the notice 1, Our soldiers / figures are models of epoxy resin materials. (The resin material on the earth is very brittle, the production needs to be handled carefully). 2, Buy before you know the size of the ratio, 1/35 is equivalent to 5-6 cm. (All the proportion of the world pass notes, the store does not sell a special proportion of the model) 3, Marked with pieces of white mold are you need to polish color. You need assemble and paint by yourself. (All models are re-produced when the players need to polish the color, novice careful to buy)

The same time asPro please note: This product is plain white film, is gray or yellow resin parts, need to buy their own tools, paint accessories, such as glue for color, novice Shen shot. The picture shows the color of the reference map, thank you!