MENG HS-002 Modern IDF tank crew

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Type: Meng
Following the October 2012 launch of HS-001 "civilians in the Middle East" and the majority of players praise, we have continued in the field of model figures 1:35 research and efforts, now, in Israel's military adviser, China and Brazil sealed sculptor painting division help, our character models 1:35 paragraph HS-002 "IDF tank crew" coming soon.
1:35 IDF tank crew model Product Code HS-002 by 2 board composed of plastic plates, a total of 59 parts. One board has 51 parts, contains four different forms of characters, rich facial expressions, lifelike, it is worth mentioning that the action associated with pleats and clothing details have been fully restore and performance, another board eight water bottles. When The soldiers were used in our production of TS-001 or TS-005 Merkava 3D 3BAZ or other Israeli Merkava tank model, will greatly improve the viewing of the chariot models and expression
In the HS-002 development process, we refer a lot of IDF tank corps kind of information and photos of action figures and forms in-depth analysis and understanding, and use of sculpture software for various forms of the characters is simulated and correction, the maximum guarantee the fit of the character models and chariot models. In order to better performance figures detail, we split the character specially headwear, head and limb, in order to achieve better and sharper detail.
HS-002 is to bring the vitality of Israeli tanks finishing touch, we think you'll love this model.