MENG SS-006 M3A3 "Bradley" BUSK III Cavalry Chariot

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M3A3 cavalry fighting vehicles are the latest models of digital US cavalry fighting vehicles, is responsible for reconnaissance and fire support; and M2A3 uses the same powertrain and weapons systems; also equipped with "Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below System" ( FBCB2) and "Bradley theater viability Kit" (BUSK), has a strong survival skills and information warfare capabilities. And M2A3 is different: the cabin can be stored in the carrier member 10 "Tao" anti-tank missiles; missile replaced the new top loading hatch and the hatch to install a periscope; canceled the shooting crew on springboard Periscope hole and containing members of both sides of the cabin. In addition to serving in the United States, but also equipped with US troops in Iraq, South Korea and other places. Chariot on the battlefield only to really show its strength, otherwise God horses are clouds. In the 2003 war in Iraq, M3A3 as the US digital fire support units, played a very important role.

No. SS-006 1/35 US M3A3 "Bradley" BUSK III cavalry fighting vehicles assembled plastic model, length 203.5mm, width 107.3mm. Model true to the shape and details of the vehicle; all occupants, containing members of the movable door real; additional armor can choose to install or remove; "Tao" anti-tank missile launchers can be made into stowed or down state, and choose whether to filled missiles. It is possible to provide space for the creation of model fans; also possible to add to the fun of model making fans. Suite provides a full range of modern military vehicle antenna system consists of 14 panels of plastic plates, two-etched, soft components and metal parts.


Careful as you, is not found in the SS-006 configuration that said no? There are model fans think it is within the structure does not matter, because they focus only on the chariot shape, without internal structure of the SS-006 is what they expect. But there are fans that the inner structure model is essential, because in their eyes no internal structure is not a complete chariot models, without internal structure of the SS-006 model is definitely not like the fans are happy to see the inner structure. MENG model is taking into account the different preferences of fans, so with the SS-006 introduced by the inner structure M3A3 turret, engine, transmission, cockpit and cabin containing members consisting SPS-017 together.


M3A3 plastic assembly model into two, half only to present you Zoran not shape, but can look half their lie low in the inside. Maybe you just need that Zoran not shape, but also perhaps you also want to be combined! No matter what, everything as you want!