MENG SS-003 Israel Heavy Armoured Perosonnel Carrier Achzarit early version 1/35

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Israel Heavy Armoured Perosonnel Carrier Achzarit early version 1/35


Ancient Greek soldiers buckler, high strength aramid fiber made body armor for combat personnel to provide better protection is always tireless pursuit States armed forces. And a lot of popularity on the modern battlefield weapons will this duel spear and shield into an unprecedented height. Compared to the pursuit of great depth breakthrough multi-branch contracts and high mechanization elastic defense superpower, how to maintain a more lasting soldier's combat capability in a small cramped urban combat, enemies of Israel Central legislation such resource-poor countries in terms of having a more important meaning. After a series of research and debate, clever Jews found a distinctive answer - and MBT have the same level of heavy armored car guard.Achzarit is such a fully comply with IDF combat ideological weapon. Su its chassis made from captured T-55 tank chassis, remove the installation of a turret containing members of cabin, complete with enhanced armor protection performance, equipped for light armored targets and soft targets weapon station roof, installed power more large engines in order to ensure mobility. Since the 1980s, service, Achzarit always be deployed in the most dangerous regions in the previous combat it with outstanding performance as a reliable Israeli soldiers in armored horses
Product number for the SS-003 1/35 Achzarit heavy armored personnel carriers, containing 10 plate board member, a total of 242 parts; an etched sheet and two TPE track; with painting and three troops water paste. IDF model with our previous products, this product is also designed to give a "Desert Eagle" the most authoritative information support. We guarantee perfect product appearance, rich in detail, while optimizing the assembly difficulty, to bring you more production fun.