MENG TS-009 France Charles 2C super-heavy tanks

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Prehistoric monster comeback

As life birth, tanks first appeared in the chaotic years also have strange forms. And if the size as a standard, the French super-heavy tanks 2C is undoubtedly the most striking this steel monster zoo. It weighs about 69t, length 10.27m gigantic body even compared with modern main battle tanks still can be called the Big Mac, plus power transmission equipment, 45mm and 22mm thick front armor of side armor, as well as the output power 500HP 75mm guns, these staggering configuration and data appear in the last century 1, 20 years, I am afraid only of "science fiction" to describe it. But the ill-timed 2C super heavy tanks did not catch the last battle of World War I, yield few 10 makes it only in publicity in the French show their glory. With the advent of the First World War a new tank, this is full of wisdom and courage designer, represents the fate of France's highest technical standards at the time of super-heavy tanks but also as its counterparts in the animal kingdom that monster, like the appearance of the mighty, the number of rare, was eventually eliminated by the times.

This time we bring you a number TS-009 1/35 France 2C super-heavy tanks. 16 plate part contains a total of 150 events, including track 544 parts; a total of 10 board-etched parts; production of large-scale use slider technology to significantly improve the accuracy of parts, simplifying the manufacturing steps; free gum tiled Events track, simple assembly, freedom of movement. TS-009 will restore only the French steel monster burly your perfect precision. TS-009 is about 294 mm, total width 86 mm, kit contains three different painting for your choice.