MENG TS-006 Russian T-90A main battle tanks

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T-90A coming!

MENG After two years of careful preparation, product number TS-006 ratio of 1:35 Russian T-90A main battle tank model coming soon. The TS-006's development process, the project consultant, Mr. Alexei Herlow Berbatov gave us great support and help in this, we extend our heartfelt thanks. Alexei Herlow Berbatov is a senior research specialist Russian tanks, the Soviet Union / development history very well, and has extensive experience in the study of the structure, he studied the T-72 and T-90 close 20 years of T-72 and T-90 has been nuanced understanding, it is a veritable expert. In addition, he also engaged in book publishing, often published articles on the history of Russian tanks in different magazines, he also has his own blog "Gur Khan attacks".
TS-006 we devoted a lot of effort, a TS-006 26 plate plastic plate, etched sheet does not include the total number of parts Miansheng, pouches for 1303; three-etched total 10 parts, including a piece of roadwheels dedicated leak spray board, which will greatly facilitate the players to color. In addition, in order to increase realism and playability model, we also equipped with a special gun shield Covers TPE material and two 1:35 tank cap.

TS-006 faithful reproduction of the T-90A all external features and details of the precise dimensions; provide a V-92S2 engine components, in the hood opening may be the perfect present; TS-006 is active and sophisticated suspension system can restore the real car , track to avoid gum movable splicing track, double pin structure, optional rubber mat. In the painting aspect, TS-006 provides Russia 2008--2012 Victory Day parade of water-based paint signs posted, the other comes with a number of general-purpose forces numbering and marking to meet the big players on the T-90A part coating needs.
In terms of special paste of water, with "Armour Modelling" (Japanese), "Hobbyworld" (in Spanish), "Model Military International" (English), "Super Model" (in Polish) magazine, the magazine presented with a form to provide Volgograd and Rostov City (Dayton River) parade painting signs, painting parade these two flags are special, and Moscow Victory Day parade painting signs is completely different; in addition, this special Decal also provides two special forces logo.
In order to ensure that players have read the information and details of research in the production of TS-006, we use exclusive data compiled in the hands of "T-90 / T-90A Photo Album", the album with photo-text, image-based in the form of a comprehensive display of the T-90 / T-90A details and picture, model, while the player making the details of research, but also on the T-90 / T-90A environments and have a clear understanding of the situation. Simplified Chinese version of the album, by the Machinery Industry Press in June 2013 issue of listing; Japanese version album, will HOBBYJAPAN in the June 2013 issue of the market, other text version is still tense in preparation.
TS-006 will bring you happy and enjoy the model-making process.