Presale MENG TS-020 British Mk.V "male" heavy tanks

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In 1916, the Anglo-French coalition forces launched a massive attack on the Germans in the Somme region of northern France. Let the world remember the reasons for this battle, in addition to its tragic and bloody, and that the German scared to fled the new weapons - the British Mk.I heavy tanks. Tank, undoubtedly one of the greatest inventions of the history of mankind in the twentieth century, and the new era of army mechanization began.

Mk series of heavy tanks have experienced several improvements, the only constant is the representative of the diamond-shaped appearance, this unique shape has become a lot of people for the memory of a war tank. 1917 new gearbox and engine into the British military's vision, for the improvement of Mk.IV immediately start. Thanks to the planetary gearbox, the new tank only need a soldier to drive; Ricardo six-cylinder inline gasoline engine can provide it 150hp power, you can rugged terrain in the terrain for 10 hours. The new tank was eventually named Mk.V, the first battle in 1918 to help the Australian army in Hamel successfully broke the German defense.
MENG's Mk.V heavy-duty tank model was supported by the British Tinton Museum in the development process. As the world's most famous tank museum, collection of all kinds of chariot more than 300, which includes the protagonist ---- Mk.V heavy tank (male). MENG R & D personnel on the Mk.V real car was measured, refer to a large number of original files and information, and strive to accurately restore this classic tank.
This model will be the cab, engine and other internal components complete presentation, continuing MENG "full structure" series of ultra-rigorous attitude; the traditional plastic-free clip-type stitching track, is still easy to combine; we also attached a "crib" Trenching device, so that this model better reflect its unique historical and interesting. I believe Mk.V will be able to bring a new generation of diamond-shaped fans experience!