MENG HM-001 Happy Modelling module interesting first phase

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The ancients said:. "The book house of gold, a beautiful woman in the book," Through the ages, both Chinese and foreign, people for the book, always give the highest recognition and praise. Because it's not just a carrier, it is the mark of the times.
How many people because of the book and Liufangqiangu? There are many stories because the book from a long and deep? How many technical and flourish because the book? Little more could not sort out, perhaps, this is where the book value of it.
As the ring rotates, book through the bones, stone, bamboo slips and fine silk was converted to paper books. Today, the ever-changing electronic technology, so that the book has entered the electronic age. EBook really convenient, you can always get in the hands less fun to read, but also less arbitrary whims punctuate, less the share of fine chemicals Shen Wu, genuine self-cultivation.
Model, in today's era of endless entertainment, it is a rather interesting niche hobby. Model atmosphere than Japan or Europe, China is strong, the various models television programs, instructional videos, exhibitions, competitions and magazines serving the model fan. In China, these resources about the model is not perfect, the Chinese model fans using foreign resources will encounter language barriers, there are always a lot of inconvenience.
Apart MENG model kit and some neighboring products, but also hope to give the fans some good resources Chinese model on the model. So, there is this magazine book "mold Fun" (HappyModelling). It brings together Chinese and foreign models crystal fans, the fans can see not only domestic model masterpiece, but also to understand the voice of foreign models fan; it will also show you the real weapon kingdom for model-making and bring a lot of reference inspiration; it also tells about the topic model that has been, it allows you to know too much, in order to create a better model. It is such a set of techniques, knowledge and interest in a magazine book.

Happy models Happy reading, from the "fun mode" begin!