MENG LS-003 Messerschmitt Me410A-1 High Speed Bomber

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Following full of personality Me410B-2 / U4 "Cannon Bird", this time we launched the Me410 classic model --Me410A-1 high-speed bomber. In 1942, in the unremitting efforts of Dr. Messerschmidt, after long years of improvement, once so desperate Luftwaffe twin-engine fighter Me210 finally got a "fit to participate in combat," the evaluation test, the latest improvements Type the woman was given a new number: Me410. Me410 Luftwaffe find the speed only slightly inferior to the British "Spitfire" fighter's latest model in the real test, and good flight stability. While performing high-bombing mission, Me410A-1 is rare in Germany was able to break through the Allied fighter interceptor speed of the aircraft. Since Me410A-1 firepower, speed and range of both, was already stretched Luftwaffe will also expelled its attachment machine while the brigade, and remote execution interception escort mission.
Previous LS-001 "cannon Bird" the same part number LS-003's high-speed Me410A-1 bomber, a ratio of 1:48, there are 11 board members and a plastic plate plate etching sheet composed of a total 280 plastic parts and 18 metal parts. Model length 263mm, width of 340mm. As always, offers players two full DB603 engine, in addition to precision reproduction of the magazine and head of external pylons Me410A-1; and also provides two different sights and its accompanying windshield; there are two different types of bombs for players to choose from. Painting aspect provides a 1. / KG51 standards and criteria camouflage fatigues two coating 7. / ZG1 of.
Has LS-003, will allow you to have a classic, accurate, making the process very enjoyable German high-speed bomber models.