2014 version of Peter the Great's flagship ingermanland 1715l 1/50 scale sailing wood warship KNL Hobby

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Please note this is building model kit. It's not finished model. You need assemble them by yourself. You need paint them by yourself. Thanks. 
New version of Peter the Great
INGERMANLAND1715 Peter the Great's flagship "Ingersoll Rand" ship model suite 2014 new version
Proportion: 1/50
Specifications: Length 1304mm Width 583mm Height 1240mm (including the base)
Difficulty: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Price: 5400 yuan
The new version of Peter the Great for the new 3D design hull structure, making a more simple, better grasp of structural accuracy, the details are more abundant. Features are as follows:
1: rib grinding line
2: modular ribs
3: framed artillery window
4: Structural bow support (do not need to use the dead wood)
5: hull expansion
6: full-size barrel (the old section for the half of the gun, now 65mm artillery)
7: additional gun gun ear tabletting details
8: captain room, military room parquet floor, reserved for the transformation of space
9: The bow pattern for wood laser engraving
10: rudder hinge upgrade to a new hinge, more real
As the rope system did not change, so the new version of the sample produced only the hull to verify the design. Rope drawings and accessories are the same.
October 20, 1696 After discussing the construction of Peter the Great Grand Fleet, the Russian State Duma (House of Commons) decided to let the Russian Navy rise. Since then, this day has become the birth date of the Russian Navy. Peter the Great is not just a personal grasp of the shipbuilding skills. But the shipbuilding industry and naval warships as science and technology and the organic integration of art introduced to Russia. The groundbreaking performance is the "INGERMANLAND" number of the construction. The ship's construction has been the British shipbuilding expert Richard * Cousins of the full help. In 1700 he was invited to help Russia build naval fleet. On October 30, 1712, the warships placed the keel at the naval shipyard in St. Petersburg, which was launched on May 1, 1715, and according to the area where the shipyard was located, Ingmar Landia. Was named "Ingelman Rand", and later proved to have good navigation performance. When August 1716, the combined fleet ready to sail near Copenhagen, Peter was elected as the supreme commander, he in "Ingram Man Land" was raised on the commander of the flag. From when the "Inglesman Rand" was to become Peter's ship. Knowing the great historical value of this bow and its value in shipbuilding, Peter issued a special order: "Inglemande" must be preserved and kept as a memorial. So far in the St. Petersburg Museum retains "Ingram Manland" model and historical relics.
New features
Combined ribs
New design bow structure for beginners can also be easily produced
Structural bow support (not in the use of the bow pad of wood)
Expanded hull, easier to grasp the bow layout
The captain's room parquet floor is designed to allow for retrofitting
Framed artillery
Full-size barrel design, not the use of semi-cannon.