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KNL Hobby diecast model K-8 model to teach eight trainer model K8 jet simulation model 1:35 China Airforce of CPLA

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Trainer Fighter K-8 model

The proportion of 1:35


Size: length 33CM

Material: zinc alloy

Configuration: with alloy support and base

Packing: color box / carton packaging

Weight: 2.5 kg after packing

Toliberation armyEquipped with advanced jet trainer aircraft, 1982Hongdu groupThe company set up a training programme for theShi PingProject team leader, he served as chief designer. Through a comparative study, combined with China's specific circumstances, Hongdu group put forward "to improve the training efficiency and reduce the cost of training" development train of thought, basic performance requirements and adapt to different countries need two training system, has been widely recognized. In 1986, China decided to cooperate with Pakistan to develop teaching -8. Pakistan has invested 25%, and is responsible for the production of the body and other parts of the body. In July 1987, -8 began to teach specific design. January 1989 began manufacturing prototype, produced a total of 5 prototypes (3 flight test, 2 frame used for static tests). 001 and 003 prototype respectively in 1990 November 26 and 91 years October first fly. Then 15 pre production started, and the first flight in July 1992. Therefore, in fact, -8 is divided into domestic and export models. The model of our army is called teaching 11. 2001 K-8 aircraft developed by the national science and technology progress award.