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KNL Hobby diecast model China Airforce CPLA FC-1 length 32CM thunder fighter 1:45 model Chengdu FC-1/JF-17 aircraft model alloy model

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Thunder fighter 1:45 Chengdu FC-1/JF-17 model

The JF-17 high simulation model

[ratio] 1:45

[size] 313*205*105MM

[material] alloy

[packing] foam packaging, with the base alloy

This section Xiaolong alloy simulation model, with the newly developed JF-17 fighter aircraft prototype, set a variety of materials and technology elaborate and. The whole body with alloy die casting.The wing and tail number of adjustable direction,The cockpit cover can be opened.According to the simulation of the missile, the missile is made in physical form, and the front and rear wheels of the aircraft can be rotated, and the aircraft can rotate around the support.

Xiaolong FC-1yesChinaDevelopment of a kind ofAll-weatherSingle seat, lightSupersonicFC-1 is the JF-17 fighter, Chinese developed, with completely independent intellectual property rights of multi-purpose lightFighterBy,China Aviation Industry CorporationandPakistanAir force jointly funded byChengdu aircraft design and Research InstituteAnd the development of Chengdu aircraft industry group company, FC-1 Xiaolong2002May 31st completed design,2003First test flight in August 25th. In April 9, 2004 03 prototype flew successfully, manipulation stability test and strength test flight. June 15, 2004, the two sides signed the JF-17 (Pakistan), named after the Pakistani cooperation in the production of the main contract and technological transformation of production line contract. July 2004 "super -7" aircraft plan was officially named. The Chinese side is called FC-1 / fierce dragon fighterPakistan, it is called theJF-17 ("joint fighter") "lightning" fighter.
Pakistan, March 2006 "Xiaolong" chief executive, Pakistan Air Force Latif at least to the media announced that the first CMB jointly developed FC-1 fighter will be equipped with the Pakistan Air Force. Pakistan Air Force ordered number about 150 JF-17 fighter, allegedly, the Chinese Air Force currently seems to intend to order a small amount of FC-1 Xiaolong fighter. This is not so much out of real need, it is better to say it is to stimulate exports to make a gesture. It is clear that the Chinese air force believes that
Su -27Su -30MKK fighter and fighter -10 fighter to meet its operational needs. Perhaps, the Chinese air force eventually purchase a certain number of FC-1 Xiaolong fighter, as "high-low mix" with the Su-27 series and annihilates - 10 fighter.
In January 2007, the first batch of FC-1 Xiaolong has officially delivered to the Pakistan air force.