KNL Hobby diecast model 31CM J-20 stealth fighter J20 model No.2002 plane model simulation model of 1:72 alloy China Air Force of the CPLA

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J-20 Fourth generation stealth fighter model

[Ratio: 1:72

[size]: the body length is 310 mm, width span is 200 mm

Belt bracket and the base height is 245 mm. The width of the base of 7.5CM, the most narrow 5CM, long 11CM, high 14CM

[material]: zinc alloy

[color]: Black 2002

[packing]: with alloy support base, foam card box, color box packaging

[weight]:Aircraft net weight 0.71KG, with a base 0.84KG, packaged good 1.7KG or so

The proportion of 1:72 stealth fighter model, is to the new fourth generation fighter - the j-20 prototype, reduce the simulation is made. The front seat cover can be opened, there are anti canard angle, can rotate, after the wheel rotation,Deceleration parachute can be opened. Tail steering arbitrary angle, engine exhaust vents are made in detail, the side of the fuselage of the lower fuselage cylinder mouths are made in detail. Pure black painting, the tail of the fuselage has eight one marks. The proportion of the whole machine is appropriate, the appearance of the details of the fine performance.

The exclusive fine physical map appreciation

Test machine (Pitot tube in the head side)


Active duty machine (Pitot tube in front of the plane)